Data Analytics Consultancy

Impartial Analytics advice for busy, performance focused marketing teams.

Putting trust in your data so you can access it quicker to make better decisions and plan your marketing with confidence.

Data Analytics is crucial to marketing success

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Unlock the value in your marketing

I can help provide a holistic view of your entire marketing program or focus on solving channel specifc challenges

Achieve Marketing excellence with data

Here are some key areas I’ll help you build, optimise and improve to enhance your team, improve your marketing campaigns, and delight customers with brilliant journeys and your internal stakeholders with marketing based on real insights focused on value creation.

Data Strategy

Get what you need from your data

I’ll help you get to the root of your data needs, setting out your goals and identifying gaps. Using this we’ll create a roadmap to align and empower your Sales and Marketing teams to work brilliantly together.

Marketing Team

Data Collection

Connect your data sources

Route data to your CRM, build segmented lists and centralise marketing channel data to give you the ability to see the entire customer journey and understand how each of yor marketing channels contributes to revenue. 

Data Visualisation

Graphs, charts and tables that actually tell you something

Data is at its most beautiful when it gives you what you need to make decisions. I’ll help you design and build reports and dashboards that your stakeholders will love. On-brand, dynamic and ready to elevate your marketing.

Data Analytics Consultant

Data Analysis

Answer those burning questions

Get to the answers you need (not just those you might want) so you can see what is working and what isn’t. Completely unbiased analysis focused on driving improvements and uncovering insights to help your team. 

Data Activation

Time to put your data to work for you

Segment your audience for your ABM and CRM programs or build custom audiences to refine your advertising targeting. This is where we make your data even more useful in setting your marketing apart and getting closer to your customers and clients.

Make more use of your marketing data

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Take a step forward with your marketing analytics

Data is crucial for successful marketing, and I’m here to provide impartial expertise and hands-on support so your stakeholders have access to accurate data that will help them make better decisions.

Work with me to build a strong data ecosystem that produces reports and dashboards that are on point and will:

Working with you

Depending on what you need, I can work in a few ways to deliver for you:

Giving you confidence in your data

Let's talk about how I can help enhance your marketing analytics. No sales pitch, just a genuine human conversation.